Who we are

Little Hikkups has 4 different divisions where we focus on empowerment and prevention, problem solving, immediate group difficulties and the social meetings.

Our brand new adventure is the preventative and empowerment aspect where we provide the opportunity to other mom’s/women to start their own business in running our Hop-Hop Programme in their own homes where classes are run to teach children 6 months+ about life in a playful manner. We also offer our own classes.

The problem-solving focuses on individuals who need intervention in any therapy, using the techniques at our disposal to come to the best way of releasing and explaining emotional trauma’s. Play therapy is our most used technique and can be used on children and adults alike with the same successful results.

We offer our services in group settings to deal with a focused issue such as a trauma experienced by many individuals, bullying in schools, and other topics which has a great impact on all involved.

Then we like to add a bit of social and networking in the form of play dates at coffee shops for moms and their childen to get out and meet one another. These are offered once a month and are enjoyed by all involved to meet like-minded individuals.

We look forward to helping you move forward ❤