Hop-Hop Programme

The goal of our fun Hop-Hop classes are to provide group activities which will focus on teaching your child skills which they usually struggle to deal with, it will stimulate your child and help them learn through senses using sensory play.

We want to help with general issues which we are all faced with such as anxiety, stress, bullying, self-confidence, big changes in life, trouble making friends, shyness and so on. Activities are focussed and concentrate on working with these issues.

These classes are offered in various areas and by different presenters.

If you have a passion for kids and would like to become one of our presenters and offer your own classes from home, please email us for more information. This is a great opportunity for a stay at home mom, with no huge start-up fee, something within your reach to make an easy extra income.

If you are interested in joining our weekly classes, please send us an email.